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 Heart Month 

This month’s blog focus is on your heart. Specifically, heart disease and the impact it has on many people. With an overview of what it is, how it can affect me, why it’s important to know about, and how to keep a healthy heart.  

Physical symptoms of “heartaches” from anxiety or depression. 


Overview of what it is 

Heart month is when people are reminded that they need to check in on their heart health. It's about listening to your body and seeing what does or doesn't feel right. Self-advocacy for your heart.  


How it can affect me, 

It affects everyone especially because they are most likely to have heart complications.  Stress can affect everyone and by managing it you keep yourself and reduce the risk of complications. Believe it or not anxiety or depression can create physical symptoms of “heartaches” that can be harmful and painful. 


 Why it’s important to know about,  

It’s important to know so you can recognize the signs that something is wrong and act on it. You will also be more knowledgeable and can notice the signs in others. Symptoms like heartache or pain in your chest can be indicators that something is wrong. I will seek help if it stays consistent. 

How to keep a healthy heart, 

You can keep your heart healthy by getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy weight, healthy diet, being more active, no/stop smoking, manage stress, and control blood pressure/cholesterol/blood sugar. 



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