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National Stress Awareness Day

This month's blog I want to focus on stress. National Stress Awareness Day is November 1st with its intent to remind you to take it easy and manage your stress levels. I want to share with you the causes of stress, signs of stress, and ways to de-stress.

Causes of stress:

  1. Lots of pressure, whether it be school or work.

  1. Big life changes such as moving to a new home.

  1. Feeling overwhelmed with certain responsibilities like watching over a little one or beloved pet.

  1. Dealing with negative people is like bullying.

  1. Uncertainty about the future or a certain situation. Worry can crowd the mind and bring on more worry.

The list could go on however these may not be applicable to everyone and may check all or none. That doesn’t mean their stress is invalid. Looking at the root cause of the stress can help us analyze further options moving forward to handle stressful situations and come to a point of de-stressing. You may choose to seek counseling to help you explore your causes and signs of stress as well as to learn how to cope with everyday life stressors from a trusted mental health profession.

Signs of Stress:

  1. Feeling overwhelmed, irritable, anxious, uneasy or burnout

  1. Physical responses: headache, loose hair, stomachache, fatigue, clammy, and racing heart

  1. Panic attacks: FREAKING OUT! Feeling like you are losing control of yourself and your emotions.

  1. Overeating or losing appetite. You may crave your fav salty, sweet snack, comfort food, or nothing at all.

  1. Hard time sleeping or feeling too awake when your body is exhausted.

Knowing the signs can help you in certain stressful situations. Keeping in mind that stress looks different for every person. Here are some ways that may help you destress.

Ways to Destress:

  1. Exercise – walking, lifting weights, cardio, yoga, or Pilates.

  1. Take up a hobby- focusing on something fully like such as a painting, making music, 3d art, etc. (I love to crochet).

  1. Reading – getting into a book and out of your head.

  1. Become a chemist and bake something. Try something you love or something new.

  1. Journal - use prompts, free style write, or write poetry.

I took up crochet to manage my stress and channel my creativity. Crochet has helped me learn new skills and create fun, cut little critters, hat and granny squares. It’s never too late to try something new like crochet and find what helps you. Below are some of my creations that maybe will inspire you.


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