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Vison Board

Welcome to the new year filled with inspiration for the future and goals we wish to achieve this year. We have the saying “New Year New Me” and although it may not seem like it at times, a lot can happen in a year. Down to the fact that your body is growing and aging or to getting a job, graduations, and milestones.  We were all in some way different people than we were last year. A fun way to look at what you want to do/hope to gain from this year is creating a vison board. It’s as easy as picking pictures of what your goals are for this year. No need for words unless you want to, this board is tailored to you and only you. A vision board is a creative way to express those inner desires and organize them visually so you can be more organized. We get overwhelmed with life and generally it can be exhausting, but looking at the board can be a reminder of what to look forward to and what to work towards. 

Here my example of a vision board and what each image represents: 

-The cap and diploma: Graduating from SMCM to start my career. 

-Cherry blossom tree and building: Traveling to Japan one day, maybe for study abroad. 

-Fitness and health sign: I want to stay in shape and healthy. 

-Social worker: I want to work as a social worker to help others, especially kids. 

-Piggy bank with money: I want to save money for my future starting early. 

-Small house: I want to own my home one day. 

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